"My wife and I with our brand new house were faced with some pretty large landscaping decisions, and some of the “usual suspects” when it comes to developing a back yard, while also tackling some of the questions when it comes to working with your neighbors. 

We found Nine Yards Landscaping after a drawn out summer long search, and after a recommendation by a colleague at my wife’s’ office. 

Soon after measuring and agreeing on a competitive rate we found ourselves watching our backyard transform from something resembling a ski slope, to two fantastic retaining walls, providing us with useable space for the vision of our yard.  Watching the work led to questions of interest as to how things were done and the “method to the madness”.  With these questions, we were always pleasantly surprised with great insight by the crew, and it is safe to say that at no time did we ever feel like the vision of the space was out of our hands. 

We were thrilled when the work was completed and the eyes of the crew were more critical than ours, as often small details were seen and quickly rectified before we ever would have noticed them. 

Soon came time for a fence and we were elated to come home after a vacation to find the fence complete and with a look that was exactly what we had envisioned, as well as some craftsmanship work that was certainly appreciated.  Toby and his crew took on the neighbor challenge for us by completing fences for multiple houses on our block, and our entire block is now starting to move from a brand new development to a feeling of home, with our back yards being marked out with a sturdy and pain-free fence. 

In closing: Nine Yards Landscaping left us feeling proud of our space, and we are happy to say that we WILL be calling Toby and his crew back for more work in the spring!  If attention to detail, personality, understanding, flexibility and a no non-sense approach is what you are looking for, then look no further!"


Nick Van Aalst




" Nine Yards Landscaping has been our all season Landscaper for the last four years. We operate out of two schools of which both have large playgrounds and long sidewalks for cleaning. The Calgary Girls' School has been a demanding client, as it is very necessary to have our sidewalks cleaned after each snowfall prior to our student’s arrival at 8:15 am, and to ensure that the walkways are safe throughout the day. Toby and his employees are very professional and always eager to accommodate all of our needs, no matter how large or small.

I have personally had the pleasure of dealing directly with Toby since day one, and highly recommend him for all of your landscaping needs."


Tara Sanderson                                                                                                                                               

Secretary Treasurer                                                                                                                                          

Calgary Girls' School Society 




"The company is very professional. Although the job had unforeseen complications that only presented when the digging started, the work was carried out as specified in a reasonable time frame. Serious effort was made to adhere to the estimated budget, which I appreciate very much." - Thomas Hadlari


The company did a great job. Everything was cleaned up and taken away.”- Darlene & Brian Stoddart


"On time High quality work, Excellent professional/friendly approach, Clarified expectations, Value for dollars spent” -Bente Nelson


"Excellent work and very competitive pricing"- Syd Bass