Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal


The seasons in Calgary present us with several challenges when it comes to taking care of our yards and keeping the sidewalks and parking lots free of snow and ice. Why let this cause you a head ache when you can let the team at Nine Yards Landscaping take care of this for you!  

Lawn Maintenance


We offer a wide range of lawn maintenance services to commercial and residential clients during the summer season in Calgary. Below are our most popular services:


  • Spring Cleanup

  • Regular Lawn Maintenace

  • Fertlizer and Weed Control

  • Tree and Hedge Pruning

  • Tree Removal

  • Branch Cleanup

  • Fall Cleanup


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Snow Removal


In the winter season we offer snow removal for side walks and plowing for parking lots. We are equipped to do both residential and commercial sites and we serve all of Calgary. 


Our service is timely and reliable. During snow falls there is a Nine Yards staff available to you 24/7 for any concerns you might have.





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Parking Lot Sanding & Sweeping


During the cold Calgay winters our sanders will keep your parking lot slippery free and safe. We are always on call which is essential with the unpredictable weather in our city. 


When spring time comes we offer parking lot sweeping to get rid of gravel and other debris that collected over the winter. No parking lot is too big for us!





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